Your Data Recovered in 7 Days or Less

In most cases, we can recover important data in under a week.
Start your recovery attempt now, by booking a quick call (for free).

Cyberlutions has successfully helped clients recover important data,
photos, audio, video, and more from hundreds of media types. Including…

Cyberlutions has successfully helped clients recover important data,
photos, audio, video, and more from hundreds of media types. Including…

USB Sticks

Hard Drives

SD Cards

MP3 Players



Solid State


Laptop Memory

100% of Your Storage Devices Will
Fail at Some Point in Their Lifetime

Eventually, given enough time, every storage device fails. If this has happened to you, you know exactly how stressful it can be.

However, a failed drive isn’t always a lost cause.

You may be able to recover some or even all of the information on that drive. So whether you’ve lost family photos, important academic papers, or mission-critical business documents, Cyberlutions can help you recover your data quickly and affordably.

Keep in mind… every second counts. The sooner we can start our recovery attempt the greater our chance of success. Once you’ve booked a call with our data recovery specialists, we’ll immediately begin working on your case as follows…

Step 1

Do This Now


Book your free consultation to get started. On the call, we’ll quickly assess the situation and give you a rough estimate of costs, success, and timeline. We’ll also let you know if it’s necessary that you mail in your drive (in some cases we can restore your data remotely).

Step 2



After your consultation, we’ll begin analyzing your drive with our industry-standard recovery tools. We’ll then send you a list of the files we’re able to recover. Choose which ones you’d like us to restore and we’ll move to the next step…

Step 3

Recovery and Return


After telling us which files are most important to you, we’ll get to work on the recovery attempt itself. Once we’ve got everything off the drive, we’ll send your data back (as well as the damaged drive) along with access instructions.

Of course, if at any point you have questions or concern, don’t hesitate to contact our support center for easy, step-by-step instructions and custom-tailored assistance.

Got questions right now? Speak to someone immediately by calling us at…

Warning: Your chances of a successful recovery attempt are decreasing as you read this.

When it comes to data recovery, every second counts. The most important thing you can do is stop using your device immediately and call us for a quick assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me get my data back?

We can’t offer a guarantee – but we can promise that we’ll do all that we can. Our number-one tip: always stop using your device as soon as you notice lost data – this will make it more likely that we can get your data back.

How do you get my data back?

We’ll recover your data via our streamlined, four-step recovery process, designed with you and your data in mind (see the above diagram for details). Our hardware and software are industry standard, and manned by data recovery experts with decades of experience. Your data is in good hands.

How much will this cost?

Every case is different, so you’ll need to talk us through your circumstances for a firm quote. However, recovering your data will likely cost you much less than it’s worth to you. In fact, if your flash drive or SD card is under 16 gigs, you don’t pay us unless we can recover your data for you – all you pay is posting it to and from us.

How quickly can you recover my data?

It depends, but on average it will take a week to recover your data, from start to finish. Sometimes we can do it pretty quickly – get in touch for a free custom-tailored plan of action, including timeline.